Mail services

XMPP Providers

C2S port of most of instances: 5222
Always think to encrypt messages trough OMEMO (or) OTR if you care about your privacy.

IRC Providers

Default plain-text port: 6667 / encrypted port: 6697

Jitsi Providers

Mumble Providers

SMS Providers

VPN providers

Cloud / File hosting

Friendly reminder: you better should learn how to make your own sFTP or Tor FTP server by using hosting services in the section below.

Private hosting
Public hosting

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Hosting services

    22 months ago

    Mail services:

    Tutanota is missing - no onion but Tor-friendly, accepting Monero indirectly.

    Disroot - also provides mail service; both clearnet and onion. Netherlands. If you donate (Monero accepted), you can request custom domain support. (Tails uses, and IIRC Bisq is PGP-signed using a disroot mail address; apparently it’s trusted)

    Posteo - no onion but Tor-neutral (never blocking), anonymity-friendly; only 1 €/mo with up to 3 disposable aliases. No custom domains. Generally well liked, except they don’t like crypto for ecological reasons.


    Njal - it’s called Njalla (pronounced like Nyal-la)

    IncogNET - Like Njalla, it provides anonymous domains too (and less expensive), accepting Monero; but currently its hosting service doesn’t allow any mining.