Mail services

XMPP Providers

C2S port of most of instances: 5222
Always think to encrypt messages trough OMEMO (or) OTR if you care about your privacy.

IRC Providers

Default plain-text port: 6667 / encrypted port: 6697

Jitsi Providers

Mumble Providers

SMS Providers

VPN providers

Cloud / File hosting

Friendly reminder: you better should learn how to make your own sFTP or Tor FTP server by using hosting services in the section below.

Private hosting
Public hosting

Pastebin alternatives

Hosting services

  • obitor_xmrOPMA
    2 months ago

    According to this post on Dread, DNMX servers are seized by law enforcement agencies. Do not interact with this service until update from the admins. Always think to encrypt in PGP every mail you’re sending. This service can also turn as a honeypot.